What is included in a Vāstu consultation?

  •  Full Vāstu assessment of property, home, individual rooms, and property features.
  • Individualized assessment of strengths and weaknesses in home and importance of corrections.
  • Recommended remedial measures specific to your space.
  • Recommended remedial measures for your individual needs and that of any other occupants for cultivating fertility, health, learning, wealth, spirituality, relationships, etc.
  • In depth information on proper placement of specific features within the home and rooms.
  • Compass analysis of property and alignment with cardinal directions.
  • Hard copy report of findings and recommendations.

What is needed from me?

Vāstu consultations do not require home visits. You will need to be able to draw a floor plan of your house. Taking pictures and/or video is often quite helpful. We will briefly discuss any primary issues you want to address with this consultation before sending me these documents.  After time for assessment (usually within a week), we will arrange a time for an in person meeting, phone call, or FaceTime to further discuss the needs of your home or office. I will present my recommendations, and answer any questions you might have. Vāstu is a collaborative art and most clients find it very helpful and a lot of fun to learn and experience the positive changes that come with it. To schedule an appointment, you can go to my contact page with this link.

Full Vāstu analysis with remedial corrections $300.


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