Guided Home Panchakarma Cleanse

panchakarmaPanchakarma translates as “five actions” or cleansing procedures. A panchakarma cleanse is the primary method in Ayurveda for purification and detoxification of the body and is generally performed at least once a year. Aside from detoxification, it is an effective means of bringing strength to the immune system, restoring the body’s overall mental/emotional balance, and supporting optimal well-being by bringing the doshas back into balance. When stress, diet, environment, hormones, genetics, and wear and tear take their toll on us, our bodies slowly lose the ability to process and assimilate nutrients and emotional experiences properly or completely. This leads to the accumulation of thick morbid metabolic waste in the body known as ‘’ama’’ in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic panchakarma is the process used to “deep clean” the body of this impurity, allowing us to feel better and healthier. Panchakarma can be used in both prevention of disease as well as in the treatment of specific or chronic ongoing conditions.

Panchakarma is effective and appropriate in treating many of these commonly seen signs and symptoms. These can also be used diagnostically to determine the appropriateness of panchakarma:

  • Digestive difficulties including diarrhea, constipation, IBS, Crohn’s, etc.
  • Uncontrolled food cravings- “Sweet tooth”, salty foods, etc.
  • Irregular sleeping habits (too much or too little), insomnia. Not rested upon waking.
  • Exhaustion, fatigue, “wired and tired”, foggy headed.
  • Anxiety, stress, anger, irritability, deep seated grief and emotional unease.
  • Irregular appetite, always hungry, never hungry, incomplete digestion.

Traditionally, panchakarma takes place in a retreat like setting where one removes themselves from their day to day commitments and setting for the duration of the cleanse which can be anywhere from 5-30 days. However, due to most of us being unable to make this sort of time commitment, panchakarma can also be effectively performed at home. This is also a much more affordable and accessible option for most.

This highly individualized program is structured around the specific needs and clinical findings from our initial consultation. Your doshic constitution, imbalances, state and strength of digestion and elimination, and health goals are all taken into account in determining which treatments and protocols are most appropriate for you. The cleanse itself involves three important stages- cleanse preparation, active cleanse, and rejuvenation stage.

What’s included in your home panchakarma cleanse?

  • We will begin the process with an initial 90 minutes consultation to get you all the information and guidelines you need to perform the cleanse and answer any questions you might have. We’ll determine which treatments are most appropriate for you, what your health goals are, and go over your individualized health packet that includes all the instructions and specific food, herbal, and oil recommendations you will need. This packet will also include a day by day breakdown of your cleanse procedures. We will make sure you feel confident and ready to perform your cleanse.
  • A complete panchakarma kit which will include all the foods, materials, and customized herbs and oils you will need to can be included for an additional cost, or I can tell you which products to purchase yourself if you would prefer to get the items yourself.
  • Email support is offered at anytime during the cleanse so we can stay in touch to check your progress, make adjustments, and answer any questions or concerns you might be having. I will make myself available and frequently check email when I have patients going through panchakarma. This cleanse can be an emotionally trying time for some, and having a support system through the process often makes it much easier. The beauty of panchakarma and Ayurveda is that it places importance also on any treatments being a gentle and nourishing experience as well and many find this cleanse to be much easier than some of the other cleanses out there.

*If you have done a home panchakarma cleanse with me in the past but would like guidance again, please email me and we can discuss modifying the price and consultation length.

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