Initial consultation (This is for first time patients with Josh and lasts approximately 90 minutes)

 Initial consults with Josh include an in depth clinical review of your health history and primary health concerns. Whether you are struggling with serious health concerns, or simply interested in learning how to apply Ayurvedic principles to your daily life, Ayurveda has many answers to holistically address your health and well being. We will discuss the ways we can work together to help correct any health concerns you may have as well as evaluate your past and current efforts and treatment results, designing an effective health plan for you.

Understanding your Prakruti (constitutional nature) and your Vikruti (current state of health) provide the key framework to work with from a clinical Ayurvedic perspective. We will determine these factors through pulse, tongue, and body diagnosis as well as from our intake form and in person consultation. Josh also applies the assessment and treatment techniques of Chinese medicine into your session where applicable to further compliment your journey.

Recommendations and a treatment plan will be made based on our findings and your stated goals, tailored to your individual needs. These often include diet and lifestyle practices, custom herbal formulas, Ayurvedic products (not included in appointment cost), detoxification, yoga & exercise practices, breathing techniques (pranayama), home remedies, marma (acupressure), and other health practices as needed. We will work together to create a short term and long term health improvement program for you.

My goal in these clinical consultations is ultimately to help empower you with the tools that will allow you to take control of your own health and well being.

You will leave your appointment with:

  • Concrete tools for you to address your health concerns
  • A deeper understanding of Ayurvedic principles
  • Summarized notes of your Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment
  • Additional notes and educational material to continue deepening your learning journey.

Return visits

Return visits are a great way to check your progress and see how far we’ve gotten with your health goals. It is recommended that you come back in, usually in about four to six weeks’ time from your initial consultation. This is a general recommendation but may also be adjusted based on your particular case. This allows time for you to integrate the changes and give us a big picture view of how your health is evolving as well as return with new observations and able to dive deeper into your overall well being and balance.

This also gives us the chance to reassess and modify your treatment as needed or address new health concerns that may arise. Return visits may include treatment therapies (marma pressure, cupping, trigger point therapy, topical herb application, etc.) as time or need permits, and potential future visits will be discussed at this point as well. Established patients can benefit from the occasional “tune up” to check in and make adjustments when something just feels “off” or when faced with acute conditions such as colds/flus, stressful life events, aches and pains, etc.

New Patient Appointment  $150

Return Visit  $100


Intake forms

Download and complete intake forms here. Please have these completed and submitted by email, or bring them in completed to your appointment so that we can spend the maximum amount of time possible discussing your health.

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