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Upcoming Events:

August 4, 2018

I’m happy to be announce I’ll be hosting the Tucson premiere of The Doctor From India, a film documenting the extraordinary life of Ayurvedic physician Dr Vasant Lad. Members of the APAA – Ayurveda Professional Association of Arizona will be present for a short question and answer session on the ancient science of Ayurveda following the film. Tickets for this ONE TIME screening can be purchased at The Loft Cinema. The film will be showing Saturday, August 4th at 1pm. Tickets may be purchased in advance through the Loft Cinema’s website and are $10, or $8 for Loft members.


THE DOCTOR FROM INDIA is a meditative and immersive portrait of the life and work of Dr. Vasant Lad, the holistic health pioneer who first brought the ancient medical practice of Ayurveda from India to the west in the late 1970s. Integrating his gifts as both a healer and a mystic, Dr. Lad has dedicated his life to sharing what is considered the oldest healthcare system on earth in the complex medical landscape of the United States. This is the beautiful and inspiring story of a man who has for decades been quietly at the center of a revolutionary movement to change the way we care for our bodies and our spirits. Directed by Jeremy Frindel (One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das) with an elegant musical score by Rachel Grimes, and featuring Deepak Chopra, Robert Svoboda, David Frawley, and Claudia Welch.


January 14, 2018

-Your kitchen is your pharmacy: Ayurvedic remedies for common ailments.

Many commonly found herbs and spices can be used for healing. Ayurveda provides a frame work for how to decide which remedy may be most helpful. In this class we will discuss ten of the most helpful herbs/spices to have on hand, their medicinal properties, and various simple formulas that can be made. Live webinar January 14th, 3-6pm – $25. Contact for registration.

October 21, 2017

Ayurvedic yoga and lifestyle workshop
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Join Josh Whiteley, L.Ac., CAP and Juliet Jivanti, RYT, CAP for an afternoon workshop where we will explore integrating Ayurvedic principles in to your yoga asana practice. We’ll start the day with some vegan chai tea and then dive in to how to customize your practice to your individual dosha as well as how to create variations according to the current season and environment. We will then explore the Ayurvedic lifestyle practices known as dinacharya that practitioners can integrate to further enhance their well being. Click the link above to see the flyer and for registration information.

April 28-29, 2017

Distal Acupuncture:
Clinical strategies for effective pain relief

4-7 pm @ Tucson Acupuncture Co-op. 204 E. Ft. Lowell Rd.

This two part course will run on Friday April 28th and Saturday April 29th from 4-7p.m. and has been approved for 6 continuing education hours by the Arizona Acupuncture Board of Examiners. This course is open to licensed acupuncturists and currently enrolled students of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Participants will gain the skills to treat various musculoskeletal conditions using distal styles of acupuncture primarily in the tradition of Richard Tan’s balance method, as well as that of Master Tung Ching Chang. This style of acupuncture is well known for its ease of use and clinical effectiveness. Acupuncturists will learn the fundamental theories and methods of use for distal acupuncture as well as learning how to diagnose and apply custom protocols to their patients. In this course we will explore practical theory, diagnosis, methods of treatment, clinical efficiency, case examples, and hands-on practice. Our emphasis will be on practical application for best results in the clinic.

Fees for 6 hour course:
Licensed Acupuncturists, $80
POCA members and students, $65

To register PM here on Facebook or email me at Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Josh Whiteley, L.Ac. has been using Master Tung’s acupuncture and Richard Tan’s balance method in his acupuncture clinic almost exclusively, providing an average of 75-100 treatments per week for the last 8 years. His primary studies in this method include those of Richard Tan, Wei Chieh Young, and Henry McCann. He also serves as adjunct faculty at Han University in Tucson, AZ and POCAtech in Portland, OR.

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