Learning opportunities both locally and online can be found here. Aside from in person workshops and conferences, I strive to make as much material available as possible through online mediums as well. I have found many students with a deep interest in Ayurveda having a hard time advancing their clinical knowledge and skill due to a lack of resources for the western practitioner of Ayurveda.



Ayurvedic practitioners can learn a lot from practitioners of Chinese medicine and the rich clinical tradition it includes. Many of the tools we use in Chinese medicine can be translated into Ayurvedic energetics and utilized in a form that remains true to Ayurvedic principles while also expanding our ability to help our clients. You will find many courses here geared towards this end particularly. Students and practitioners of Chinese medicine can also find information here to help them integrate skills and knowledge from the Ayurvedic tradition into their practice as well. East Asian medicine has long been a tradition of sharing and integrating information to best serve our patients and as we move more into this modern age of the internet, this sharing has become much more easily available to us. May it support us to grow into more competent and compassionate practitioners for our patients.

If you are interested in one on one case mentoring or more specific subject study, please get in touch and we can discuss more in detail.

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