Vedic Astrology Consultations


Are you looking for support navigating the ups and downs of life? Have you found yourself at a crossroads and unsure which direction to go? Seeking your true purpose in this life? Vedic astrology offers a lens to unlock your innate gifts and talents as well as understand potential challenges and how you can overcome them. Your Jyotish chart will show you potent times for making changes in your life, finding love, career opportunities, and much more.

Your consultation will last about an hour and a half and we will meet either in person or online where I will guide you through your chart and answer any questions or explore topics of interest you might have.

From your Vedic Astrology reading you will gain the following:

  • The tools to confidently make decisions or changes in your life based on the time tested ancient science of Jyotish.
  • Remedial planetary measures to mitigate any challenging aspects of your chart that may include health recommendations, herbs, gem and color therapy, meditation techniques, and ceremonies
  • Typed notes I will take ahead of your reading for your review
  • A copy of your Jyotish chart
  • An audio and/or video recording of your reading for future review
  • A fascinating look into your nature and a deeper understanding of yourself and the karmic patterns that affect you

For more information on Jyotish and the many aspects of your life we can dive into through this science, you can read more HERE


Full Jyotish natal chart reading: (1.5 hours)  $150
*All consultations available in person or via FaceTime or Zoom

A full chart reading will give you the complete picture of your life map and the tools to support you for health and happiness, financial goals, love life, spiritual direction/orientation, as well as auspicious times to take advantage of in the future.

Follow up readings/shorter sessions: (1 hour)  $100   

I recommend follows up readings yearly or any time there is a major change or question in your life that you would like some insight into. Follow ups sessions also give us a chance to catch up with the current planetary transits and active planetary periods in your chart. These shorter sessions are great for those who want a quick and insightful reading.

Single question readings answered by email  $30

Have a burning question to ask? Single questions can be answered based on your chart and a prashna chart created from the time the question was asked. Email one detailed question and it will be answered by email within 48 hours.

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