Vedic Astrology

What is Jyotish?

Navagrahas- 9 planetary lords

Jyotish (Vedic astrology) simply put is the science of understanding karma. Each of us is born with a unique set of abilities and this ancient science helps us to better understand what these skills are and how best to utilize them. Our birth chart is made by analyzing the stars and planets in the sky at the exact moment of our birth. The planets in Vedic astrology are known as grahas, which means to ‘seize’ or ‘to grasp’. How the grahas ‘grasp’ us, for better or worse and at which times in our life we may expect this effect to be stronger is what makes getting a Jyotish consultation so helpful.

Jyotish is defined as the science of light and it sheds light on many aspects that affect our spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical life. We can view Jyotish as a sister science of Ayurveda and yoga with it’s own unique lens in which to better map our place in the cosmos. As yoga seeks to balance our mind and emotions, Ayurveda our bodies, Jyotish helps us to understand our karma. The clarity it can bring helps us to unravel deeply entrenched patterns that may not be seen otherwise and help us live to our full potential.

Astrocartography chart

Astrology readings can also be helpful for determining whether a place we want to move or travel to will be beneficial for us. Astrocartography shows us how the planets will affect our stay in any given location. This is useful for determining work and love matters as well as general satisfaction or dissatisfaction that these areas bring.

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Whether you’re at a crossroads in life or just casually interested in learning more, a natal chart reading brings light to the map of your life. Jyotish can unlock the karmic forces at play, and the best way to work with these energies for health and happiness, spiritual orientation/direction, as well as looking at auspicious times for events or life changes in the future. We can focus on any aspect you like and answer specific questions as well. I areas I tend to focus on are:

The four purusharthas (four aims of life):

  • Dharma: Your life’s purpose, how you function best, and how you remember your truth.
  • Artha: Your relationship to money, right means of income, career, and skillful living in the material world.
  • Kama: Enjoyment and pleasure that support dharma. Also your family and romantic partnerships.
  • Moksha: Your spiritual nature and practices. Where you find liberation.

Health issues & medical astrology:

  • Using medical astrology and the science of Ayurveda to determine constitution and health imbalances (prakruti & vikruti). Predicting likely outcomes by time period and remedies. The integration of Ayurveda and astrology.

Rahu & Ketu (North & South nodes of the moon):

  • Rahu and ketu are considered our karmic axis in this life. They give us clues to our past and current life lessons, what our potential blind spots are, and how we can best live a balanced life in the present.


  • The science of place. Looking at the planetary effects of different areas of the world based on our horoscope.

Proper timing of events and prediction

  • The dasha system and transits are used to look at time periods in our life to determine the best junctions for events such as moving, marriage, beginning a business, health changes, etc. Which karmas will ripen at which time and how do we best prepare for them.

All readings are digitally recorded and sent to you for later viewing/listening. Going back and listening to a reading often brings new insights as you hear and are able to better digest different aspects at later periods in your life.

Follow up readings/shorter sessions: (1 hour)

I recommend follows up readings yearly or any time there is a major change or question in your life that you would like some insight in to. Follow ups sessions also give us a chance to catch up with the current planetary transits and active planetary periods in your chart. These shorter sessions are great for those who want a quick and insightful reading.

Single question readings answered by email

Have a burning question to ask? Single questions can be answered based on your chart and a prashna chart created at the time the questions was asked. Email me one detailed question and it will be answered within 48 hours.

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